Pre- High Performance group

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Intermediate to Competitive tennis players:

Age: 12 and older / adults 4.0 and above

Profile: player desire to train with intensity and eventually move to our high performance program. The intention of this group is to provide players that desire a reliable high intensity tennis training.
Practical coaching to your unique style as well as introducing key principles and understandings to be able to take your game to play a high level of play.
Lots of competition.
My goal is to improve the level of this group so we can blend next season this group with the high performance players.

Venue: VITA

To enroll, please contact Ernesto Ponce.

1) Cost

Monthly fee (2 hours per session):
3 times p week - $ 2,000
2 times p week - $ 1,500
1 time p week - $ 750
Payment Plans- Credit Card and Email Transfer (E-Transfer) Accepted. For Credit Card Payments, there will be a 3% Surcharge Fee.

2) Schedule and Duration

- Indoor Season- Mid-September to Mid April- Activities are running at VITA (Vancouver International Tennis Academy) in Richmond.

Each session is 2 hours long.

Wednesdays and Saturdays: from 6:00 am to 8:00 am

SPECIAL PROMO: If a player joins the program, paying the recurrent monthly fee the whole indoor season from October to April , during the outdoor season in our sessions at QEP, from May to September, the player will be able to come 1 more day a week at no extra cost.

 Contact us for further information.