High Performance Juniors & Competitive Adults

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***Limited Enrollment Spaces During Indoor Season***

A personalized Daily Program focused on players who aim to improve their game through specific drills, sparring and simulations. Suitable for those that are playing Provincial and National Level Tournaments.

Our competitive group is open to all ages and gender. It is designed for competitive juniors that are currently playing tournaments; And adults (level 4.0 and above) who are looking to improve their match technique or conditioning.

In other words, this program is focused on Competitive Juniors or Competitive Adults that were High Performance as Juniors or have a good competitive level of play and desire for intense play.

To enroll, please contact Ernesto Ponce.

1) Cost

The Monthly Rate for our Competitive Program is listed below:

1 Session per Week- $950

2 Sessions per Week (2 Weekdays)- $1,500

2 Sessions per Week (1 Weekday and Saturday)- $1,750

3 Sessions per Week (3 Weekdays)- $2,000

3 Sessions per Week (2 Weekdays and Saturday)- $2,250

4 Sessions per Week (4 Weekdays)- $2,500

4 Sessions per Week (3 Weekdays and Saturday)- $2,750

5 Sessions per Week (5 Weekdays)- $3,000

5 Sessions per Week (4 Weekdays and Saturday)- $3,250

6 Sessions per Week (includes Saturday)- $3,750

Payment Plans- Credit Card and Email Transfer (E-Transfer) Accepted. For Credit Card Payments, there will be a 3% Surcharge Fee.

 2) Schedule and Duration

- Indoor Season- September to April- Activities are running at VITA (Vancouver International Tennis Academy) in Richmond.

- Outdoor Season- May to August – Activities are running at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver

Each session is 2 hours long.

During Outdoor Season our practice takes place at Queen Elizabeth Park following the schedule below.

During Indoor Season our practice takes place at VITA indoor courts in Richmond.

Mondays to Fridays: from 6:00 am to 8:00 am

Saturday: From 6:30 am to 08:30 am

Sunday: Off


3) Other Conditions

Consistent Monthly Payments & Make Ups

Players that commit to 4 sessions per week or more through a constant monthly payment during a whole year (12 months) will have access to attend all sessions offered during the outdoor season.

Outdoor Season Training Sessions At Queen Elizabeth Park (Weather Permitting)

Between April and September- Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri – Based on Extreme Weather Conditions, training can be changed after school hours (4 To 6 PM).

In case of rain, Indoor tennis practices will be conducted at VITA if space is available. Otherwise fitness sessions could be held in a pre-determined location. 

Replacement sessions are also available during indoor season training if space is available.

Under special circumstances which can include issues such as injury or tournament travel or sickness, the missing training sessions could be replaced by private or semi-private lessons upon player's return to training.


Contact us for further information.