Tennis Vancouver- About Ernesto Ponce

Tennis Vancouver- Ernesto Ponce


As a Former Professional Tennis player, with Several National Championships, Davis Cup invitations and professional experience on tour, I was able to learn and understand what it takes to win important points, matches and tournaments. 

Self Belief, Intense Focus, Discipline and Pragmatic Preparation are among some of the treasures that I have discovered in my life because of this beautiful game.

Tennis is an excellent sport that builds character and develops key life skills for self awareness and personal empowerment.

During my tennis career I was fortunate to play with the world's greats including Marcelo Rios (Former n. 1 in the world), Andrei Medvedev (Finalist Roland Garros), Greg Rusedski (Finalist US Open), Fernando Meligeni (Semifinalist Roland Garros). Notable wins include Mariano Puerta (Finalist Roland Garros), Andrew Sznajder (Top 40 ATP Player, Former Canada n. 1), Chad Clark (Former NCAA Division 1 n.1 in USA), Eduardo Vélez (Former Wimbledon Jr. Champion),  Oscar Ortiz (Top 100 Player ATP, Former Mexico n. 1), among others.

Thanks to my tennis achievements as well as my academic performance, I was also able pursuit a career in Division I tennis at NCAA level with a full scholarship to attend University of Texas (Austin) to where I finished my B.A in Economics. In 2004 I also finished my MBA at Tulane University (New Orleans) while playing and coaching among the best College Players in United States.




Mission - Objective

To assist, coach & empower people into a progressive realization of personal goals.
  1. B.A. in Economics (1996) University of Texas at Austin, Texas
  2. M.B A. Entrepreneurship (2004) Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana 


Experience - As a Tennis Player:

  • Mexican junior National Champion Under16s & Under18s, at 15 years old.
  • Mexican Professional National Champion 2001 & Davis Cup nominee.
  • Canadian National Champion men’s over 45. ITF senior Champion 8 times.
  • Top 100 World ranked ITF junior player.
  • Top 500 World ranked ATP Singles, 300 Doubles.
  • Top 4 NCAA Division1 with The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Exposed to and being Coached by some of the world’s best tennis academies and recognized top coaches: Nick Bolletieri, Jose Higueras, Louis Cayez, Bob Brett, Raul Ramirez, Rafael Font de Mora, and top NCAA Div. 1 athletic programs.
  • Competed, travelled and adapted successfully to different cultures extensively throughout the world (North, Central & South America, Europe, Asia and Australia)
  • Had several wins over top 100 ATP players. Best win was against Mariano Puerta, former top 10 ATP player and 2005 French Open Finalist

As a Tennis Coach:

  • Created SISTEMA TENNIS –A Holistic Competitive Progressive Tennis Coaching method to develop High Performance tennis players through a combination of on court and off court holistic coaching. An individualized model based on Self-Awareness, energy management and Personal Empowerment (2000 – 2020). 
  • ACE + SISTEMA - Owned 50% of ACE TENNIS (Canada’s recognized top tennis academy and TDC), and formed ACE + SISTEMA Toronto (2006 – 2008). During these years, as tennis Director, ACE + SISTEMA was ranked by Tennis Canada as the #1 TDC (Tennis Development Center) in the country. 
  • Based on my experience as a player and as a coach TENNIS CANADA accelerated me in their accreditation to – Level 3 High Performance Coach. 
  • Coached and improved Tulane University NCAA Div 1 men’s tennis ranking from 65 to 11, highest in open era school history. (2001 – 2004)
  • Coached and travelled with many players at different levels in the High Performance spectrum at the National & International levels: Jr. Nationals, ITF, NCAA, ATP, WTA (1996 – 2020)
  • Developed, coached and managed successfully the tennis careers of several Mexican, American and Canadian junior Players to National Champions (2000-2021)
  • Tennis Director of The Sedona Racket Club Junior Tennis Academy. Sedona

As an Entrepreneur and Business Manager:

Creator, founder and director of:

  • ATHLETIC AWAKENINGS –  A program to develop athletic skills & holistic fitness through sport cross training, self awareness and personal empowerment, Tulane University (2001-2003) and in Toronto (2006)
  • SUCCESS SYNERGIES INC – Consulting & Coaching in self awareness in energy management for top performance. (2004 – 2012)

Complementary Holistic & Progressive Education

  • Certified Bio Magnetic Therapist (1999) Bio Magnetic Medicine Institute, Mexico
  • Certified Thai Massage Practitioner (2003) Bangkok, Thailand
  • Certified Yoga Instructor (2006) International Yoga Alliance, Toronto, On. Canada
  • Certified Raw Food Chef L1 (2010) School of Holistic Nutrition, Arizona, USA
  • Certified Life Coach (2012) Coaching & Leadership Intl, Victoria, B.C. Canada

I make myself available for any further enquiries.