Simple Tips to Improve your Game

There are so many tips and ideas on how to improve your tennis game that most of the time it is hard to follow all of them, simply because each player is different and not everyone has the same experience to execute certain movements or shots.

To make things easier, we listed a few basic tips that are suitable for all level players.

Those are ideas are extremely simple, but if constantly executed during practice, will improve your game and unlock the ability to implement more advanced techniques to your tennis.

a) Early Preparation

Hitting the ball late is one of the most common challenges we see on the court. This is essentially referred to initiate preparation for our groundstrokes! To make things simple, picture this: you cannot prepare soon enough! So make sure to always turn your hips and shoulders before every incoming bouncing ball on your side- this habit will force you to improve your awareness and the late hits will soon be gone!

b) Follow Through

The follow-through is a great benchmark to determine whether or not you are approaching the ball with the correct swing path. Players often say that to generate topspin you must get over the top of or cover the ball as you hit, however, you are not over the top of the ball on the hit but actually turning over the racket face slightly after the contact point with the ball as you follow through. Even though the follow-through is not directly affecting the flight of the ball, it is in fact affecting the way you approach the ball and the best way to improve this to always move your feet!

c) Always play one bounce

Every time you rally or play, create a mindset where you will never let the ball bounce twice and always run for the ball even when you think you have no chance to reach it. By setting up this mentality, you will improve your timing and make less mistakes on court.

d) Hit and Recover Footwork

Most players hit the ball and watch it land on the other side casually moving to the center of the court, specially when those balls are very well placed on the other side. Always hit and recover for every shot! The faster you recover (side steps and shuffles) the better prepared you are for the next shot!

e) Solid Foundation

One of his most important aspects of a great player is that one must have the ability to maintain and defend a strong athletic foundation. By building a solid athletic foundation the player can master multiple movement skills, hence maximize performance.

The attributes for a solid foundation include:

- Wide Base Support- a wide support position allows your body to be closer to the ground, resulting in more power and control;

- Low Center of Gravity- Being able to low-to-ground position by bending your knees and lower your hips produces a more smooth and fluid movement during groundstrokes;

- Balance on the balls of your feet- Centering body balance off the heels and onto the balls of the feet creates a lean of forward momentum for better reactions;

- Reinforced back posture- Strong back posture offers reinforcement to the entire athletic foundation allowing more power and quick reactions specially during change of direction.

If we watch the pros on TV, you will notice they all apply these practices during a match. Next time you practice, try them- you will consistently bring your game to the next level.

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